Dysfunctional Family OR My own personal sit-com

Was chit-chatting with someone at the office about Virgos and Libras. I mentioned that my father was a Virgo and my mother was a Libra (I also am a Libra but way different than my mother – thank the lord for small blessings) and that this caused some problems in the relationship. My father would scream and yell that things were out of place and the mother would say “But it’s clean” – okay, Pop’s thing was “a place for everything and everything in it’s place” – the mother’s thing was “it’s clean!” – neat, tidy and organized – not so much. Now I take after my father – I am neat and organized almost to the point of OCD – the clean thing, well I like clean but have learned to overlook a little schmutz here and there…

Anyway, I also was relating how my parents were either screaming at each other or weren’t speaking at all – nothing like living with a bunch of extremists – and at the dinner table my father would say “Tell your mother that…” or the mother would say “Tell your father that…” As I got older I recognized the inanity of this and would say “I think he/she heard you” Dear god, these were supposed to be adults!!!! The person I was relating this to said “Ohhh – it sounds just like a sit-com” – And oddly enough, it does. Certainly in retrospect I’ve got to laugh at some of the dysfunctional nonsense that went on in my childhood home, but ya know, when it happened it wasn’t funny at all. Not one little bit.

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