Okay, I've had enough sunshine

Today is the first day of DST or whatever they call it – last night we turned the clocks ahead and this morning it was still dark when I got up and here it is 6 pm and you’d swear it was the middle of the afternoon! This is SO wrong – in the morning it should be light and in the evening it should be dark. Why have they turned my little world upside down! This is a vicious and nasty trick to play on an old woman…I want names and addresses – I want heads to roll – I want this to stop – Right now! I want to turn around and look out the window and see that it is getting dark and tomorrow morning when I get up at 7 am it damn well better be light out.

I don’t actually WANT to get up at 7 am but I have to, and if I have to then I at least want to be able to see! Christ, how long has this nonsense been going on? Wait, don’t tell me – every year since I was born? (Maybe before that too, but since I wasn’t here, I don’t care) Why have I never noticed this before?

I’m tired and cranky – I didn’t get enough sleep last night and when I woke up this morning it was still dark!!! And it was late! Late in the morning and still dark! This is bullshit!

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