What informs your life?

That’s an odd phrase and I hope I’m using it correctly. Someone made reference to some song lyrics which immediately reminded me of a poem – “After A While” by Veronica A. Shoffstall, not the greatest poem ever written but one which many women of my generation found useful, enlightening, even profound. Poetry informs my life. Not so much books, as poetry and one play in particular “‘Night Mother” by Marsha Norman.

They say of my generation that we have a “sound track” to our lives and that may apply to other generations as well, I don’t know, perhaps you will tell me if that is so.

Janis Ian put out an album in 1975 called “Between the Lines”. I bought it for the song “At Seventeen” because that song was my life, as were others on that album – I felt almost as if she had been following me around, taking notes. As years went more of the songs were my life until now that album will tell you all you need to know about me.

With today’s technology, I could easily put together a biography consisting of music – I’m betting a lot of folks could do that as well.

But it always comes back to poetry – I think in “poetry” I write poems in my head – a few lines here and there – all the time – last night as I was falling asleep I “wrote” a poem about Sundays.

So what informs your life?

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