Faeries in the Yard

I have this godawful sinus cold/cough thing going on – the coughing is so bad I can’t sleep – not wanting to wake my husband I went downstairs and sat on the porch, no lights on, just sitting, it was around 5 am. I’m just looking out into the yard – can’t really see any details since I don’t have my glasses on and then I see a sparkle of light just shimmering on the plants, it seems to flit over to another plant and it changes size – shooting up and then collapsing into itself so it is just a sliver of shimmering light…it hovers over the plants, it jumps lightly from leaf to leaf – I think to myself – We have faeries in the yard! It is raining lightly now and I want to see the faeries so I go get my glasses – big mistake – not faeries at all just the light from street lamps playing on the water on the leaves…I did so want it to be faeries….

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