Unknown Visitor – a lady with a floral scent around her

Strange thing happened tonight – Lori (our neighbor and landlord) came over for dinner and after we ate we were sitting at the table talking when all of a sudden a very strong smell came wafting in the window – it was a powdery floral scent – very strong – and we thought someone wearing a lot of perfume was outside. We all got up to look – no one there. We went out the porch door and the smell was very strong, almost over powering – we thought it was from the flowers by the fence but when we went to sniff them – nothing. The scent was strongest by the back wall of the house underneath the windows to my office – so I went upstairs to see if I might have spilled something – no smell up stairs. But when I sniffed outside – there it was again. We went out in the yard thinking it might be coming from the houses behind us – but the further away from our house we went, the less you could smell it and half way out into the yard it disappeared.

I walked Lori out the front door and I was standing on my steps and she was standing on her steps and I smelled it again. But Lori, who was maybe 6 feet away, couldn’t smell it. The scent seemed to have followed us to the front of the house. Before we could only smell it in at the back of the house. It seemed to be concentrated in that small area just outside our porch steps. And the scent did not go past the physical boundaries of the house – if you stepped more than 3 or 4 feet away from the house the scent disappeared. I can’t imagine who was visiting. Lori thought it might be the woman who used to own this house – she died about 7 years ago – in June. But we have never smelled that scent before.

It went away after Lori went into her house so for a moment I thought it might be attached to her – but she couldn’t smell it when she was on her front steps – so I guess it is attached to this house, even my husband was a little rattled. And of course he asked me if I could sense any one around – and to be honest I couldn’t but then I have been shut off from that sort of stuff for a while now. It is so much work to deal with those folks, it takes practice and concentration and I have just not been up for it.

We are just wondering who could have been “visiting”.

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