It's a mystery

About 3 months ago my glasses went missing. I leave them on a tray on the dining room table. I went looking for them one afternoon – no glasses. Now BB (the orange cat) has a habit of taking things including those glasses. So I searched the house – moved chairs, tables, looked in the closets, in and under everything. No glasses. When my husband got home I had him look – this isn’t that big a house. We turned it inside out and upside down – no glasses. So for the past 3 months I have been wearing my old back-up glasses.

Last night we were cleaning the refrigerator and to get the crisper drawers out George had to move the fridge. Oh my, what’s under and behind your fridge? So he swept and cleaned under, behind, around the fridge. Lots of dust and cat toys.

We have a bowl on a table in the dining room and it is kind of a catch-all. Business cards, the cats nail clippers, postage stamps – stuff like that. In preparation for the move I cleaned it out last week – it just has the cat’s stuff and stamps in it now.

This afternoon as I was walking through the dining room I glanced into the bowl and saw MY GLASSES. I thought “George found my glasses under the fridge and didn’t tell me” But I had my glasses back. Cool.

When George got home from work I said “Hey, you found my glasses and didn’t even tell me” He said “What are you talking about. I didn’t find your glasses, and if I had I would have told you right away”

So we discussed how my glasses mysteriously appeared. I had cleaned out the bowl last week – if they had been in there I would have seen them; it’s not like there was a lot of stuff in there – all small things – smaller than my glasses. Last night George got a stamp from the bowl and there were no glasses in there last night.


Spooky, scary! Late this morning as I was getting ready to get in the shower I heard noises downstairs – it sounded like someone was there – it didn’t sound like the cats getting into anything – they’re not that big, even when they do knock something over it’s a small item – cats getting into trouble is usually accompanied by thuds – not loud noises – like metal being used – or a door opening. I crept downstairs – there was no one – I got a knife out of the drawer and quietly opened the door to the basement – no one there. I checked the front door it was closed but not locked. I was a little scared. And then an hour later I find my glasses –

We are so weirded out about this.

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