Thank you for your comments

I’d like to thank everyone for their thoughtful responses to my post on forgiveness. I think I shall remove that particular word from my vocabulary. I do not think it is necessary.

I think we all agreed that people do “not nice” things and they vary greatly in their level of harm. We all are thoughtless, rude, and unpleasant at times and most of the time these actions require only a “Dude, that was uncool” and an honest apology; the relationship continues.

Then there are actions that are beyond the pale; reprehensible even. In those cases we remove those people from our lives.

We all agreed that hanging on to anger is self-defeating and that we are responsible for our own actions and our own feelings.

I think perhaps we all had a particular person or situation in mind when spoke about this, I know I did. I needed to know that I am not alone in my thinking and feeling. I honestly don’t feel guilty about putting some people out of my life, sad perhaps that it was necessary, but finally, not guilty.

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