It just occurred to me…

Skeptics always comment, “If psychics can see the future then how come they aren’t picking the winning lottery numbers?” Well from my personal experience, psychics can’t/don’t have insight into something that is completely chance.

If I am reading someone I can tell them what is going to happen based on the path they are on RIGHT NOW. If they change their path, then they will be changing what happens in the future. I believe the only thing that is beyond change is our death.

I’ve had people tell me “But it didn’t happen like you said” and my response is “What did you change?”

I do remind people that what I see is based on the energy that is being generated NOW; based on the choices they are making NOW; based on the direction they are going in NOW. Change any of those things and you change the outcome.

I don’t know why that never occurred to me before.

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