Go with your gut

I just got off a major rant elsewhere on the interwebz and I won’t repeat it here but it is becoming increasingly clear that I have not come far enough in learning to say NO.

Folks think I am a big-mouthed, snarky, opinionated PITA. Perhaps but never when it comes to the really important things and especially when those important things involve someone else’s wants or needs. Can you believe that I am still putting other people first at my own expense. I don’t do it to be a martyr and I wind up feeling used and abused and discounted. It’s MY fault. I’ve got a big mouth and I matter just as much as anyone else.

A whole lot of the time I am all “whatever” because it really isn’t important to me. I’ve also learned to keep my opinions to myself when voicing them will accomplish nothing and just roil the waters. Choose your battles, avoid a war.

Here it is now – engraved in stone; When my gut tells me NO, then it’s no. Those who differ with me can rant and rave, stomp and shout; call me names – whatever. I will not be moved.

If the Momma ain’t happy, then ain’t nobody happy.

This Momma intends to be happy – y’all just better get with the program.

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