Unemployed vs. Retired

When any one asks if I am retired, I say “No, I’m unemployed”, which I am. In this economy the chances of my finding a job a slim to none. First, I am 62; Second, I only want to work part-time and Third, what jobs there are available around here are in the suburbs which I have no way of getting, and actually I have no idea where they are LOL

Now that we have been living in Filthadelphia for awhile we have come to the conclusion that it is simply a suburb of South Jersey. When I search for the closest chain stores they are usually located in Cherry Hill, NJ. I need new glasses, where is LensCrafters? Cherry Hill.

Wait, I got off topic, I was talking about working. I like to work. I like to earn money. And I have always defined myself by my job; when I don’t have a job I don’t have an identity. And in deep, dark moments, when I don’t have a job, I don’t have a reason for living. I keep learning new stuff and there is no where to use it. What is the point to gaining knowledge and skills if you can’t use them?

I realize that it is selfish of me to look for a job because the reality is I don’t need the money. I need the job to keep sane. I suppose I should do my bit to improve the economy and stay unemployed – but I am so NOT loving it. I have always said I would never retire, and I won’t, for now I am simply “unemployed”.

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