I don’t like them yet every day for lunch we have sandwiches. What else are you going to have for lunch that doesn’t require cooking? I’m just not a bread person. But if you are going to make a sandwich, you have to do it right – it’s an art.

The moist stuff must be spread on both slices of bread. I use olive oil, my husband has to have mayo (of course). Then we have cheese, then the meat, then another layer of cheese, then meat, then cheese. Now if you like veggies on the sandwich they too must be alternated evenly through the layers of meat and cheese. Not only does this look pretty when you cut it but you get all the flavors intermingled in each bite. You don’t get a whole gloppy taste of any one thing.

No, no, no to putting all the meat, then all the cheese, then all the veggies – it’s not pretty and it doesn’t taste as good. Really. Trust me.

It would seem that MY method would be commonplace, and I’m sure all of YOU make your sandwiches this way, but there really are folks who just slap the different elements on top of each other – not alternating layers. These people are not artists.

Just saying…

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