It is a glorious Sunday

weather-wise could not ask for a more lovely day. Sun is shining, there is a brisk breeze, okay, it’s a tad on the windy side, temps in the mid-60’s – just magnificent. I am not an outdoor person, or one for trees and stuff, but today is the kind of day where even I would not mind having breakfast on a patio, with trees and birds and sylvan quiet all around.

It’s also Mother’s Day and my 3 fur babies have forgotten yet again ::sigh::

I thought about discussing, yet again, the whole “mothers are sacred” myth but really – either you get it or you don’t. Just because a female gets pregnant and gives birth doesn’t make that person deserving of any more, or less, respect or consideration than any other human being. Words have a dictionary meaning and an emotional one, connotation if you will. A caring, loving, nurturing woman is a mother, shared DNA aside. And shared DNA, without those characteristics, is, well, just someone who shares your DNA. I share DNA with any number of women, none of them could be characterized as caring, loving, nurturing. Actually, I have no women in my life like that all, don’t think I ever have. Consequently I have no “mother”, aside from biologically.

I have cared for other people’s children and hopefully I have been caring, loving, nurturing yet none of those children, now adults, consider me a mother figure. Guess I didn’t do as well as I thought or tried to do.

Remember that song from “A Chorus Line” – What I Did for Love? I like to think that many of my actions throughout my life have been done for love, for the children, for the adults, for anyone who crossed my path, even hopefully for myself…

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