Discretion is the better part of valor

Yes, common sense should prevail. Keeping your mouth shut when opening it will serve no good purpose – Yeah, and when the hell am I going to totally embrace these concepts?

I’ve gotten better with this over the years but sometimes, you know what they say, opportunity knocks but temptation kicks the door down, I give into the temptation. To say what I really feel, or mean. Knowing full well I am talking to a hostile audience. Or if not hostile, an audience who I know isn’t receptive; who will respond with a self-righteous sneer, and worst of all, I will take that to heart. I will, if only for a moment, doubt myself, my choices, my needs, wants, likes, dislikes. I’m not passing judgment on your choices, enjoy – I’m just saying what I like. And I need to justify this? NOT.

Exactly how old do I have to be, how long do I have to live before I truly do not give a rats ass what other people think of me?

Or maybe I should just start hanging around with people who are a bit more like me? Acceptance is a lovely thing. And respect. For other choices, other likes and dislikes, other POV’s. Enjoy the diversity. If people can’t, or won’t, oh, hell – walk away.

Feeling like a petty, self-centered shit, I’m walking. It’s just not important enough for my silly feelings to be hurt. And yet, hurt they are.

Grow up, Grace!

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