A conversation

My husband and I were having lunch yesterday and I mentioned that I was planning on sending a Father’s Day gift to his son-in-law just as I had sent a Mother’s Day gift to his daughter. The following conversation ensued:

“That’s thoughtful of you, when is Father’s Day, I can never remember”

“The third Sunday in June, I can never remember when Mother’s Day is, myself”

“Sometime in May?”

“Yeah, second Sunday in May. Of course given my history, it’s no wonder I remember Father’s Day and completely forget Mother’s Day” (We both laugh)

“I mean, there is no holiday for abusive, psychotic parents, is there? And what would you send for a gift? A dozens dead roses; a bottle of snake venom; a gift certificate for Dr. Kevorkian?” (Cackling laughter)

“You crack yourself up, don’t you?” said my husband, laughing.

“Yeah, I do. Gift certificate for Dr. Kevorkian – that’s funny”

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