Am I old? Hell, yes.

Another tiny rant about folks who natter on about the “good old days” – I HATE that. First, reminiscing should only be done with people who experienced the same thing you did; the people who were actually there with you. I truly do not care what your life, as a 9 year old in 1955 was like, mine was different – I don’t relate, really I don’t.

I’m not crazy about the good old days because they weren’t. Economics aside, NOW is just terrific by me. These folks complain about kids today, well the kids today are being raised by the previous generation who were raised by – Oh! the people who are complaining. Why do they not see their part in the state of the world today? Step up and take the responsibility.

Then of course there is always the “I’m not old” bit. New Flash – Yes, you are! And given that, what is the deal with “I’m the same person I always was, just older” God, I hope not. Not only would I NOT like to be 25 again, I sure as hell don’t want to be the person I WAS at age 25. Looking back, I wonder that anyone, anywhere, would have anything to do with me whan I was 25. Arrogant, yet insecure, asshole that I was. Ewww.

I’m not sure that 62, soon to be 63, is considered “old”. It certainly is close. Nowadays, with the advances in medicine and healthier life styles, I’m thinking 75 is the new old. I am older and I sure as hell am better. Maybe not physically but mentally and emotionally – way better. Super duper better. I’m proud of being older and wiser. I earned it and I wear it and I own it.

Yesterday is so over. Time and time again I have said “the past is a nice place to visit but I don’t want to live there”. Not only that I don’t want to visit YOUR past, I wasn’t there, it don’t mean dip to me. And to be honest, by all your accounts, it wasn’t all that interesting either.

Here’s to today. And more importantly, tomorrow. Lordy, lord but I am all about tomorrow. That’s where the fun is. I’m half way through today, dealing with it, rolling with it, enjoying it, which ever is appropriate but tomorrow? Oh, hey, I am crazy about tomorrow.

Still so much to learn, still surprises, still hopes and dreams and plans…still a lot of life to write…I am still evolving, not young but not finished, standing on a solid foundation of experience, yesterdays are stepping stones to tomorrow which is still Unwritten…

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