It appears that many people, nay most people collect something. I’m not sure why. I was “eavesdropping” on a conversation on a message board; these charming ladies were talking about buttons. One lady had her Grandmother’s button box, or button tin – whatever. Now I can understand, perhaps, why her beloved Nana’s button tin would have some meaning. Another lady chimed in that you had just scored a button tin at a yard sale and was looking forward to sorting thru the buttons. It’s not that she is going to make something out of the buttons, I guess it is just the idea of the buttons – I don’t know.

It’s not the buttons per se that has me scratching my head but the idea of amassing a bunch of stuff in a particular category. Some of the categories are odd and some are profitable – I can understand profitable. I just can’t imagine having an attachment to stuff, often old stuff that belonged to some unknown person. Even if it belonged to a known person, family or famous, it’s somebody else’s stuff. And it’s old.

I get keeping things that have a very personal meaning, like Nana’s button box. I have letters my brother wrote me. I take them out occasionally and read them – my brother is a funny, funny guy. I keep dragging boxes of books around with me – why? I just can’t stand the thought of throwing out a book. Some of these books are 40 year old paperbacks – they are worthless and I’m not gonna re-read them. A few weeks ago I decided to re-read all the J.D. Salinger books. Mine were paperbacks. When I opened one the pages literally disintegrated in my hands. (P.S. and by the way – Holden Caulfield is a bore). I have shelves of similar books. I’m not a book collector.

I do like photos – old photos of people, preferably in black and white. I’ve never bought any, never will, but I do like to look at them. I could get a book of them LOL

I’ve never liked “all” of anything. Some folks do -whether it’s a particular musical genre or a particular singer or artist or – you get the idea . I don’t understand that either. No one’s creative out-put is 100% wonderful. And I’ve never gone ga-ga over anything or anyone. I’m not the ga-ga type. I can like something a lot but I’ve learned that my enthusiasm has a limited shelf life. It appears there is always something new to be enthusiastic about. Maybe that’s why I don’t collect things – limited attention span.

I am passionate about ideas.

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