I'm trying…

to come up with warm, fuzzy or even amusing things to talk about since most of you are in a holly, jolly state of mind. At least those of you who aren’t hassled and frazzled by trying to be all holly jolly.

Since I have no warm and fuzzy holiday memories I don’t really participate in these annual events for which I have no sympathy, empathy or at this point in my life, understanding.

I’m all for a little fun but please don’t put a gun to my head and tell me I have to be all happy-happy. I don’t mean to rain on your parade but please stop trying to make me march in it.

Same goes for for New Years – my New Year is the day after the Labor Day holiday. That’s when school would start up and that’s my annual beginning.

I’m not a scrooge, I’m not a party pooper, I do not subscribe to any organized religion. I will admire all your decorative efforts – to a point – I’ll even sing a song or two ’cause let’s face it the music rocks – but I will not have a calendar dictate my generosity, my concern for others or my desire to have a little silly fun.

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