I was gonna…

rant and rave about my own stupidity. Go on and on describing all the bad decisions I have made when it comes to this house plus my on-going battle with laundry appliances. I could have done that. And y’all would have commiserated and been very supportive. BUT…

I would be paying attention to my anger, frustration and negativity. I would be forcing YOU to pay attention to all of that, and you would reflect it back to me and I would pay attention to it, yet again, and some more. That’s an awful lot of negativity. And I would be making myself feel small, and dark and worthless.

But suppose I just say, oh, well, done is done, moving on. Suppose I pay attention to the positive instead of the negative?

What do you pay attention to every day? To the negatives or to the positives? Be aware. Think about how you feel when you pay attention to the negatives, and then how you feel when you pay attention to the positives. Is there a difference? Which do you prefer?

What will you pay attention to today?

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