Not feeling all that well…

There are times when my internet connection is glacially slow up here in my “office”. I have discovered that if I wave my laptop around the signal improves. Ok, whatever works.

While I have some rather esoteric “spiritual” beliefs; am a firm believer in the efficacy of various forms of psychological therapy, I cannot abide, and hold in contempt, all the new-age ooga-booga bushwah, pop-psychology, positive-thinking, happiness and prosperity propaganda. And you know what the significance of the Mayan calendar last date (12/21/2012) is? The rock they were carving it on was only big enough to accommodate that much. Or as a cartoon I saw proposed “The boss decided to go with desk calendars from now on”

I refuse to apologize anymore for being super detail-oriented, super organized and neat and tidy. It works for me, it makes me happy and contrary to what some folks might think, it saves me time and energy.

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