Talking to myself

You know how you have conversations in your head? Sometimes you have these mental conversations with someone else and sometimes you have them with yourself. Right? We all do this.

The other night I’m lying in bed, my mind chattering a mile a minute, and it appears I am having an argument with myself – there are 2 “me”s facing off, really going at it when all of a sudden a third “me” comes bouncing in yelling “Shut up you two, I can’t think!”

I actually sat up in bed and laughed out loud.

I was conscious of seeing, in my mind’s eye, 2 balls, that were “me”, arguing and then a third ball come bouncing in, also me.

Now I actually have conversations, out loud, with myself. It confuses my husband but he has gotten used to it but this has to top it all – a 3-way conversation with myself.

I think it’s funny as all get out, what do you think?

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