So I've been a little testy these past few days, so what.

I really haven’t had much of a sense of humour these past few days. The only thing making me smile was cute baby animal pictures.

Many folks believe in the happy idiot/gratitude attitude – you know, slap a smile on your face no matter what; walk a mile in another person’s shoes; be grateful for what you have; let go of all the negativity; find happiness in the little things – BULLSHIT!

Yeah, yeah – someone somewhere is living a horrible dreadful life – pain, poverty, hunger, homelessness, illiteracy (and those are just my neighbors) and I’m not. So? You think someone just handed everything over? No – I worked for everything I got and no, it’s not enough. And yes I want more. And no, I’m not asking anyone to give to me (I can buy my own lottery tickets, thank you).

An old friend once said “Grace, you are always hot under the collar about something” Yes, yes I am. It keeps the blood flowing; keeps the little gray cells all fired up. Pissed off? Angry? You bet, and I’m real happy with it. Whiny – not so much. Whiny kinda annoys me – I get on my own nerves with my whiny crap. But whiny has a legitimate place in the emotional landscape. Just let’s not make a career out of it.

And I don’t understand why acceptance is positive and angry is negative. How do you think anything ever got achieved? Someone pissed off, angry and frustrated decided they were mad as hell and wasn’t going to take it any more.

I grant you, the things you can’t change or control need to be put on a back burner but that doesn’t mean you accept them happily or you can’t rail about them or against them. I don’t see that as negative at all. I think a little heart felt, well founded negativity is a positive thing; an agent for change.

I think having a reason to get up in the morning is important but I don’t think la-la-ing around and stopping to smell the roses is it.

Sunshine is nice but I do so love a good thunderstorm.

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