Phantom Hair

You have all heard of phantom pain or a phantom but what about phantom hair?

Wednesday I was bored to tears, and I really could have found productive things to do but none interested me. It was mid afternoon and I hadn’t showered yet(!) so I decided, what the hell, before I hit the shower I’ll cut all my hair off. Not just cut it short but cut it ALL off. I always wanted to see what I would look like bald.

Well, I have to tell you – bald is NOT a good look for me. Not at all. Nope. Bad idea.

For the last 2 days I have been pushing hair, which doesn’t exist away from my face (I hate hair in my face – that’s why I detest bangs!). I’ve been tucking non-existent stray locks of hair behind my ears. When I get warm I run my hand up the back of my head to fluff the hair that isn’t there. I have always been a hair twirler (maybe because I was a thumb-sucker. There are 2 kinds of thumb-suckers: the hair twirlers and the nose rubbers and actually I was both. I could multi-task from an early age), so I am tugging and twirling my phantom hair.

It’s an odd feeling – phantom hair.
Fluffing hair that isn’t there,
I have no feelings of despair.
It will return, I have no doubt.
Until it does, I’ll do without.

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