Silence is the loudest sound.
Silent screams the most terrifying.
Vacuums the vastest spaces.
Loneliness the deepest pain.
That which can only be seen, or heard, or felt
inside your own head, or heart or soul,
is the deadliest.

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Personal heros…

I have none. There is no one I “look up to”. I don’t think I could name anyone as a role model, well a positive one; there were people I knew I didn’t want to be like.

Certainly there are people I admire and by that I mean people who I like and whose talents, abilities, personal charm, etc.I have an appreciation for. They are not people I want to be like or emulate in any way. Just folks I like.

There have been people in my life who were helpful and kind; even a few, here and there, who were encouraging and I hope there will be more such people as I go along but…no one person stands out as being more influential, in a positive way, than any other.

There were times, in the distant past, when I was asked who I wanted to be like, I always answered “Peter Pan”. Don’t know why since I always liked Tinker Bell better. And I certainly had no desire to be a forever child. I probably just said it because it put people off. I used to say a lot off-the-wall stuff – not because I believed it but for the “Say what?” response it provoked. As a younger person than I am now, I really enjoyed jerking people around. I still do – but only someone who is a complete asshole. Speaking of which…

Cottonelle is the worst toilet paper ever.

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Yesterday it occurred to me that

most of my daily conversations are with the cats and those conversations usually consist of rhetorical questions. Reading that, I now wonder, if only one person is speaking is it a conversation? And if it is a rhetorical question, where no answer is expected, is it a conversation?

My “conversations” with the cats:

Are you crazy?
Must you be everywhere I am?
What have you got now?
Do you want the cheese or not?
Move your fat butt.
Leave her A-lone!
Do that one more time and I swear I’m gonna kill you.
Didn’t I just tell you to get down? Am I not speaking English?
Get OFF!

Often the conversations are a bit more involved and my husband will respond. I tell him I was talking to one of the cats and he will say “Oh, I didn’t mean to butt in” And he is not being facetious.

I think my husband and I have to get out more!

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