Personal heros…

I have none. There is no one I “look up to”. I don’t think I could name anyone as a role model, well a positive one; there were people I knew I didn’t want to be like.

Certainly there are people I admire and by that I mean people who I like and whose talents, abilities, personal charm, etc.I have an appreciation for. They are not people I want to be like or emulate in any way. Just folks I like.

There have been people in my life who were helpful and kind; even a few, here and there, who were encouraging and I hope there will be more such people as I go along but…no one person stands out as being more influential, in a positive way, than any other.

There were times, in the distant past, when I was asked who I wanted to be like, I always answered “Peter Pan”. Don’t know why since I always liked Tinker Bell better. And I certainly had no desire to be a forever child. I probably just said it because it put people off. I used to say a lot off-the-wall stuff – not because I believed it but for the “Say what?” response it provoked. As a younger person than I am now, I really enjoyed jerking people around. I still do – but only someone who is a complete asshole. Speaking of which…

Cottonelle is the worst toilet paper ever.

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