Random thoughts with no further explication

I have an irrational dislike of socks. Not the wearing of them but having to deal with them in the laundry.

We don’t appreciate ourselves enough. Fantasy is one thing. We need to applaud our reality.

I truly hate people who tell you how wonderful they are. “Oh you did that, well I did THIS” Ask me if I care, asshole.

If you have to tell someone who you are, then you aren’t.

You can’t make yourself bigger by trying to make someone else smaller. Matter of fact you can’t diminish me in any way.

People who put themselves down irritate me. Are they expecting me to contradict them?

If you want my help, ask me. If you want me to shut up and go away, just say so. My name isn’t Kreskin, I don’t read minds.

You can’t save people or change people who don’t want to be saved or changed. Why do we do this – to make ourselves feel better?

Walking away from confrontation, bad decisions, people who make you crazy or cause you pain – No shame in that. You’re not giving in, backing down, running away, being cold or hard-hearted. You are being smart. You’re saving the only person you can – yourself.

Do it from love or don’t do it at all.

If you’re not happy ain’t nobody else in your life gonna be happy. And if they are happy because you’re not? Why the hell are they still IN your life.

Your birth certificate does not come with a guarantee.

Rules have their purpose and are necessary but you know, sometimes – Fuck the rules.

And the all-knowing, omniscient THEY? They don’t exist. So it doesn’t much matter what they said – about anything. Ever.

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