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but rather this is my little diary or note pad or stream of consciousness. Actually writing in the “stream of consciousness” style is very difficult – has anyone read Finnegan’s Wake? Thought so, me either.

I am still confused by the Occupy protests/movement/whatever the hell they are calling it. I so don’t get the point. They are complaining about rich people getting richer. If they are smart that’s what rich people do. There was something I read that they want all student loans to be forgiven – I kinda discussed that on someone else’s blog. We recently explained how loans work to my step-daughter and her husband. Obviously basic economics/finance/accounting is not part of the general curriculum in schools nowadays. If it were we wouldn’t be in this economic mess – just little things, you know. Like you don’t commit to a mortgage that will have monthly payments higher than your net income (never mind higher than your gross income).

I read something about how these folks are protesting social and economic inequality. So? And? Of course there is social and economic inequality – how could it be otherwise. WHY should it be otherwise? We should all be equal in the eyes of the law, not that we are unfortunately. But otherwise? No babe, we ain’t all equal. Never have been, never will be (I hope). And shouldn’t be. Nor should I have to explain why and how people aren’t equal – (difference in intelligence, talents, abilities blah blah blah).

Do I think that a society has a bounden duty to it’s less fortunate citizens? Yes, of course. There are people who, no matter how hard they try, don’t have the ability to make a decent life for themselves. Society has a duty to help them. Society does not have a duty to put a chicken in every pot or a car in every garage. Some people are going to eat peanut butter and ride the bus. That’s just the way it is.

Which just takes me back to why all people are not equal – that horse is so dead.

On the other hand – if the greed gene could be isolated and eliminated the world would be a better place BUT we still wouldn’t have social and economic equality. No way, no how, never. Not gonna happen. There will always be someone bigger, smarter, prettier, faster – whatever. Someone just a little bit more than someone else.

I’ve been saying this for years and years and years. Since I was a kid. Yes, it is that simple that a kid can figure it out. So why the hell aren’t we working from that basis and going forward?

Probably greed – and laziness. I know, I know, I’ll stop now –

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