Opportunity knocks, Temptation kicks the door down

And I am sure many opportunities are tempting. I’m not too sure what the problem is with temptation except that is has acquired a negative connotation. But that’s not want I want to talk about.

Some folks left “Happy New Year” greetings on yesterdays post and I thank you very much for your good wishes. I’ve always responded to that greeting with “check back with me in December”. But I’m not feeling flip so I will offer these most sincere wishes:

In this new year I wish for you opportunities, that you recognize them, utilize them and grow them into whatever your notion of success is.

I wish for you more genuine laughter, at yourself, with others and just for the sheer joy of the sound and how laughing makes your body feel, as well as your soul.

I wish for you passion – be it physical, mental, emotional or political. Get your blood pressure up there, not because of cholesterol but because you are caught up, swept up in something. Anything. Get a little hot under the collar.

And then laugh. With exhilaration, pleasure, triumph, a sense of absurdity, joy…

And I wish for you the comfort of knowing you are never alone, that we are connected, each one with the other – and that some of these connections are palpable on a daily basis – even across the ether.

Don’t forget to smile. I don’t care how bad the day is, there is always a reason to smile, and if you really can’t find a reason – then smile at someone and make their day better.

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