More Grace Going Against the Grain…

I don’t get the allure of roof-top decks. I don’t care how plush or fancy they are – it’s the bloody roof you’re sitting on – Why? Are you practicing to become Santa Claus? Oh, it’s the view – like what – the tops of other buildings?

Usually the way to access these roof-top decks is narrow spiral staircases, or ladders or some such ridiculous method of ascent. Going up sober is a challenge, imagine coming down not so sober. Oh yes, let’s all party-hearty on the roof – falling off a bar stool is nothing compared to falling off a roof. Stupid idea…

Then there are fireplaces. Oh so terribly romantic! Umm – no. Does your insurance company know that your are building fires INSIDE your house, on purpose? Why would you want to do that? It’s crazy stuff. The stove is the most fire I want in my house.

And be honest, it’s hardly the most efficient heating system. I grew up in a house with a fireplace. And we did use it for heat because we were poor and running the oil furnace was too expensive. Of course the only one who got any benefit from the fireplace was the dog – he parked himself in front of it and wouldn’t let anyone else get close. It was a big drafty house – so the fireplace was no better at heating the house than a lit match would have been.

I don’t get the romantic part – fire scares the bejabbers out of me…Oh yeah, kiss-kiss, snuggle-snuggle – PUT OUT THAT DAMN FIRE BEFORE THE WHOLE PLACE GOES UP IN FLAMES AND WE DIE!

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Yeah, I'm annoyed

with everyone telling me what to do and how to do it.

That includes right-wing conservatives; left-wing liberals, and adherents to any and all religions. Get the hell out of my life! You want to live a certain way, go ahead, be my guest but don’t make me live that way, or anyone else who isn’t a part of your little group.

All the rules you need are in the the Golden Rule aka the ethic of reciprocity. The origins of the Golden Rule probably go back to when humans first became humans – it’s not particular to any religion or philosophy but appears in almost all…

A central government is a necessity but it should confine itself to the big picture. I don’t mind paying taxes and having broad social programs – but what you do for one, you do for all. I’m fed up with states rights – the population is fluid and no matter state you’re in the laws should be the same. I’m fed up with pork barrel – this is the UNITED States of American not “How can I spend the taxpayers money to benefit my bank acount – oops, I mean, MY state”.

Yes, as a society, as a government, there must be provisions for the old, the infirm, the children. I get that. Its good. But once again, do it for one, then do it for all.

Elected officials need to leave their personal beliefs at home – Their home – they don’t belong in Mine. Don’t tell me who to love or what to do with my body.

Same sex attraction or opposite sex attraction – why is that any of anyone’s business except the people involved. As long as the government involves itself in marriages and divorces then it’s the same laws for everyone. Oh, excuse me your religion says it wrong? Well, that’s your religion not mine. I learned in Sociology class some 40 years ago that 10% of any given population is same-sex oriented. Get over it people. It’s part and parcel of being human.

Government financed health care – thorny issue and not easily solved. Universal health care – I’m not a fan. Provision for birth control and abortions is the new (again) hot button topic. Yes, I support a woman’s right to have an abortion with the proviso that it take place withing the first 12 weeks – after that I’ve got a problem with it. Late term abortions I do not support. But as long as the government is in the health care business, as it is now, then the government needs to provide for birth control and abortions. Not necessarily free, nothing is free. But available to all, as they can afford.

You don’t believe in birth control or abortions? Don’t use it, don’t have one. Your choice. But don’t tell me I don’t have the same choice. Women’s health care is an issue and part of a woman’s health care is involved with her reproductive system. If Planned Parenthood is willing and able to separate government funding so as to not use it for abortions then what the hell is the problem? Do you think cancer is brought on by a woman’s negligence? Maybe the only negligence involved is her inability to get proper screening and treatment.

Easy answers? There aren’t any – but once again I say – Do for one, do for all. Or don’t do anything at all and let people work it out themselves.

Do the right thing – for everyone, not just you.

And while I’m at it – the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution, mentions the pursuit of happiness, not the guarantee of happiness. And if someone works their butt off, or is smarter than the average bear, or is just plain lucky and they manage to amass great gooey gobs of money – Good for them! You want what they got? Do what they did. You’re not in the 1%? Oh, boo hoo – neither am I.

And no, this isn’t the most reasoned of discourse.

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