September is My January

Maybe it’s left over from school days. September – the day after Labor Day – first day – new beginnings.

Or that October, the most magnificent month of the year, and my birth month, soon followed. A new personal year.

I always feel hopeful in September. Remember the song from ‘West Side Story’ – “Something’s coming, I don’t know what it is, But it is Gonna be great”…That’s September for me.

August is the end of the year. The end of Summer. Never my favorite season. No, not all. Never. Summer dragged on me – pulled me down. July and August – months of drudgery – more work – more responsibilities. No escape. No time or place to be me. To shine.

Ah, but September and school! At school I was a star. The teacher’s loved me – even when I was being difficult. Oh yes, I was difficult. I asked too many questions. Still I was a pet and petted. I liked that…a lot. I liked being number one. So different from home.

Even as an adult September was the time for new…I look back at when I made changes in my life – it was always in September. New jobs, new apartments, new relationships.

September equals New -bright and shiny and exciting.

So Happy New Year to Me…

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