I don't care what you call it…

 Lucky? I’m not too sure I believe in luck – good or bad. Good luck is just happy happenstance – something that happens without your active participation.

And bad luck? Most of the time that’s probably under our control…not so much an UN-happy happenstance. Pure chance, either way, like winning the lottery.

Tho both good luck and bad luck can be attributed to…

Smart and practical, or not-smart and not-practical. And by that I mean smart-practical – Not one or the other but both together. A way of being smart; a way of being practical; the opposite of penny-wise, pound foolish.

Bad luck about your car breaking down. Really? When was the last time it was serviced? Bad luck about the roof leaking – once again, really? When was the last time you had it checked? I’m sure you can think of other examples of bad luck that were simply a matter of not being smart-practical.

Good luck works the same way. Got the great new job – what luck! And luck probably had nothing to do with it. Prior experience, skills, education, great references, terrific presentation of yourself…all things under your control and the result of being smart-practical.

And sometimes it’s just a crap shoot. And then there is…

Blessed.  Which begs the question “Why do bad things happen to good people?” I don’t know – maybe just bad luck?

These are concepts that can be argued and debated, going in circles, exceptions to the rule, “let me tell you what happened to me” – lots of ways to look at it or justify it or explain it. But this is my take, you have yours no doubt.

Blessed. Yes I do believe in a super-natural force that has an affect on my life. Why? No rational explanation. I just do. I think that is called ‘Faith”.  Or delusion.  Or something so true that no matter how hard I try to not believe, I am never successful.

So – I am mostly smart-practical. Any bad luck I have had is because I made the wrong choices, ignoring my smart-practical side.  Any good luck I have had is because I used my smart-practical wisely.

As to why I am blessed, beats me. But I know I am. And every day, EVERY day, I am made aware of it, even in the smallest of things.

And every day, EVERY day, a nod of the head, a tip of the hat, goes out to that WHICH IS.  A sigh of relief thank you. A happy thank you. A just because thank you.

Am I grateful? No. Am I thankful? No. I have problems with those words. I find them demeaning to both me and that WHICH IS.  But thank you is all I have in my word arsenal.

So thank you it is. Every Day.

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