With each passing day

I feel more and more alienated. I mentioned the other day that I feel a generation gap with every generation, especially my own.

There is a big media brouhaha about this being the 50th anniversary of the Beatles performing in the United States.  Huge shoulder shrug from me. Why would anyone care? Why is this in any way noteworthy?

I was a senior in high school in 1964 and while I listened to the Beatles I didn’t think they were all that and a bag of chips. An opinion that wasn’t shared by most of the other teens around me. There was a girl in my home room who was crazy mad about Ringo Starr – really over-the-top crazy. The day they were in NYC she received a telegram (yes, yes – a telegram) inviting her to the Ed Sullivan Show and signed Ringo Starr. Obviously this was a prank but she got so hysterical that she passed out cold and they had to call an ambulance.

People have always gone overboard in their appreciation of celebrities, of any stripe, and I don’t get it. The Beatles were okay. The Rolling Stones were better. The Dave Clark 5 stunk.  But music is subjective. You like it or you don’t.

Does anyone know anyone who likes all the same things that they do? Seriously, if anyone reading this can answer yes to that question I want to hear from you.

Aside from my husband, I know no other person, in real life or on-line, who shares my taste in home decor. I am always trolling home design/architecture/interior decor sites for someone who likes what I do. No luck so far.

I have very few friends on-line who are my age. I have no friends in real life who are my age. Younger by at least 20 years, and more, while I don’t understand the music they grew up with, I do share a certain sensibility with them. A sensibility I don’t share with my own age group.

Of course, if I would bother to lift my gaze from my own navel, I would see that this is the norm. That most people have wide-ranging interests, likes and dislikes. That these ranges over-lap to greater and lesser degrees with the people in their lives. On the one hand, I would like to spend time with people who like the same things I do, and on the other hand, I really enjoy hearing about, and learning, things I never considered before.

So, no, my drum isn’t so different from anyone else’s.

Let’s dance.

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