Glossary for my many brains

Pin Ball Brain: This is the slowest of my brains. Also the one that makes the most sense, in the long run. A thought crosses my mind and I sit with it. Explore it. It makes me think of something else that might or might not be related. I explore that. It reminds me of another topic – related, maybe. Eventually, on a good day, the bits of thoughts and information stored away result in an Aha! moment. Connections made.

Skitter Brain: This is the fastest and makes no sense at all. A mental comment. Another mental comment. Neither has anything to do with the other. “It’s warm in here. I really need a pedicure. Yellow is my favorite color.  I’d like to take a nap. What the hell am I going to make for dinner”
Skitter brain – no rhyme or reason. It happens most when I’m sitting still and just doing nothing.

Squirrel Brain: Half way between Pin Ball and Skitter.  Semi-intelligent mental note leads to another, somewhat related observation, which reminds me of something else entirely and then it’s “Ohhh, shiny!”

Watch a squirrel sometime – “Oh, a nut – I’ll eat it but wait there’s another one, maybe I should get that one and put it away for later.  Wait, wait – I think I’ll run up and down that tree for a while. Oh look, a nut”

Just thought you might want to know this – for future reference – in case it ever comes up again.

I’m hungry.

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