What a sweet little thing

I was going through my old writings and some of it scared me. I don’t know who that person is but I am very afraid for her.  I weep for her.

But I did find a very sweet thing – I shall type it out because I don’t think it will scan very well.  Have no idea when I wrote it – teens, 20’s? – or why I wrote it.

~ ~ ~ ~

“It seemed as if I had come home; home to a place I’d never been before. The very air embraced me, the wind kissed me on both cheeks, the street lamps smiled and bade me welcome back.

As I walked the streets alone, shadows that seemed old friends nodded shy hellos, as if they couldn’t quite remember the name but the face brought back kind memories. . And the swirling mists danced all around me, eager to hear the tales of where I’d been, like children begging treats.

Shop bells called out their invitations; they had waited so long for me, had so much to show me, and delight me. Little precious things they just knew I would like. It was so kind of them. Tomorrow I shall come and see the treasures, this night is given to memories”

(Oh the mad compulsion to edit but I resisted. I did break up the paragraphs but left everything else the same.)

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