What's making me laugh today

Nature, the natural world is making me laugh – giggles and yes, out loud.

In today’s Washington Post, in the Health & Science section,  there is a review  of a book by Frans de Waal (“Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?).  The part that cracked me up is:

” Here’s how killer whales hunt off the Antarctic Peninsula: A group of orcas will spot a seal on a sizable ice floe near land. Several of them work together — and it’s hard work, he notes — to reposition the floe into open water. Then four or five line up side by side and “rapidly swim in perfect unison toward the floe, creating a huge wave that washes off the unlucky seal.” Impressive. But the punch line’s even better: A lot of the time, the whales just release the seal — and scientists have even seen them put one back on a different ice floe. Orca humor? Practical joke?”

Is that a hoot, or what. Gives a whole new meaning to whale jokes. (What’s purple and lives in the ocean? Moby Grape)

Did you know that there 27,135 species of orchids? I came across this one yesterday –
It’s called the naked hanging man orchid.  I’ve given you a link to info about it because if you search for images of it, and don’t have ‘safe search’ on – well, you can imagine.  I laughed at those images too!

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