Necessity Compels

or, as I say,  needs must. It is an archaic phrase and I do like archaic phrases. I think that comes from childhood reading, Shakespeare, Austin, Alcott and poets long dead. Yes, yes, I was a precocious reader but those were the kinds of books that were in the house.

I hated being relegated to the “Children’s Room” at the public library.  I got my first library card when I was 5 and I don’t know why it took so long. The only requirement was that you be able to write your name and I had that down by the time I was 3.

I wasn’t allowed to access the “Adult Library” ie: the entire place, until I was 12. 12! Can you imagine having to wait that long to get your hands on all the books.  ALL. OF. THE. BOOKS. Mine!

Do you know what I did? I started in the fiction section, beginning at the beginning, books by authors whose last name began with A, and started reading my way through the alphabet. I don’t remember how far I got because I’m sure there was a lot of deadwood (oh wait, that’s a funny, books are made of paper, paper is made from wood, dull books are deadwood! Ta Da!) and I’m sure my curiosity got the better of me and I wandered all over the place. But still, the intent was there – to read all of the books, in order.

I still do that, or would if I could physically access the library. So more properly, I used to do that, start browsing at A.

You realize of course this is not what I started out to write. I did start with ‘needs must’ in my head and now here we are.

Ah well, when did I ever think (or write) in a straight line?

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