I know it’s Friday, the calendar says so. Plus I got up at the crack of dawn to do laundry, and yesterday we grocery shopped, and we always grocery shop on Thursday, so today just has to be Friday.  But it doesn’t feel like Friday, it feels like maybe Saturday? Definitely not Sunday because Sunday is my husband’s major cleaning day i.e.: change the kitty litter and do a super thorough, move-the-furniture vacuuming. 

Of course it could be Monday since I did laundry this morning (Monday and Friday are get up at the crack of dawn to do the laundry days).   It just doesn’t feel like a Friday.  When you don’t go to work, and your life is built around other people’s schedules and preferences, and you don’t have your own schedule, and your preferences aren’t taken into consideration, well it’s just easy to get confused about the days. 
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