So how long does a 3 lb. turkey breast take to defrost?

Yeah, so – Thanksgiving *sigh* Such a colossal waste of time. Doing something I hate – cooking – food I don’t care to eat – turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy – for some arbitrary reason I don’t understand.  (Oh yay, let’s celebrate the beginning of a genocide.)

Once a year I make my husband mashed potatoes with gravy, you know the Anglo kind of gravy – brown.  I don’t touch the stuff. I truly dislike mashed potatoes, and gravy. Which is not to say the mashed potatoes and gravy I make is unpalatable; on the contrary it’s quite good. Throughout most of my adult life I’ve heard people talk about how difficult it is to make smooth tasty gravy.  The first time I made some it came out terrific – make a roux, add liquid, seasonings, simmer, stir and voilà – gravy. How is this difficult? Nevermind.

Growing up Italian-American, Thanksgiving was just another excuse to eat a whole lot of really good foods, turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy not being among them.  Oh, yes, there probably was turkey, somewhere in the kitchen but it rarely, okay, never, made it to the dining room. I remember one year, someone called to wish the family a ‘Happy Thanksgiving” and asked my mother if her turkey was in the oven yet, it was around Noon, and she screamed “Oh my god, it’s still in the freezer. I forgot to defrost it.” No big deal, even when it was ready on time we never ate it.

We did have stuffing tho – my mother made a killer stuffing that was baked in a separate pan. I wish I knew exactly what went in it, there’s no exact recipe, but I recall sausage meat, grated carrots, peppers, probably garlic,  – who knows what all else, what I do remember is it was delicious. So – yes to stuffing, no to turkey.

It will just be my husband and I since we have no friends to invite us to dinner. Which is okay because I don’t like eating other people’s cooking; I don’t like eating in restaurants either. I’ve reached a point in my life that I’m not overly fond of eating at all. 70 years of eating, I’m kinda over it.

With that attitude you would think I would be rail thin but just because I don’t care to eat that doesn’t mean my body doesn’t demand food. So I eat the easiest, fastest thing I can get my hands on – and that isn’t always the healthiest stuff to eat. Whatever.

So when do I take this stupid turkey thing out of the freezer?

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