Thursday Rants and Raves

And in my case they are the same thing!

Two more authors on my “Oh my god, why?” list.  Chris Bohjalian and Ann Patchett. They just make me so tired. I’ve tried and tried to enjoy them but I simply can not.

Following discussions wherein people express the most uninformed and ill informed opinions makes me crazy. You’re sitting at a computer, google the damn subject. Yes, I know, I simply shouldn’t read those threads but it’s mental rubbernecking – I can’t not look and check out what moronic information is being exchanged and debated. Someone stop me please! (And not no, not a political discussion.)

Thursday is shopping day and aside from making a poor cashier’s life miserable, I am sorry about that and next time I see her, I will apologize, it was fun insofar as eavesdropping on the young people dominating the grocery aisles today. Senior Discount Thursday but the store was chock-a-block with 20-somethings. Why are these young people not at work? Our parking lot is still packed – no one has gone to work it seems. The federal government has a ‘use it, or lose it’ leave policy and my husband suspects this is why everyone is home but these young people haven’t been working long enough to accrue much of anything. Bless their hearts.

There was very little traffic – very unusual but that didn’t stop a young man from almost plowing into us; so busy looking right never glanced left. It was really close!

I don’t relate. Never have. It makes me crazy.  Most of the people I encounter who are my age (70) I want to smack – 21st century people, join up. And people younger than I,  by even just one generation, well, we don’t share any common references.

I know, I know – I’ve whined about this before. I would really like to talk to someone who shares my references, my style, my POV – who was where I was when we both were there.

Yes, interacting with people who are different from me is mind-expanding but sometimes I just want to say “You too? Cool”.

I’m going to have lunch now. A slice of chocolate fudge cake. Just the one, maybe half now and the other half later. Gotta love the ‘buy one slice’ option.

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