The smartest things I've ever done…

is a very short list.

This morning as I was doing a major kitchen cleaning, just like every Sunday morning, I was washing the tray that the cats dishes sit in and I thought “This is the smartest thing I’ve ever done” and then I thought “Hmm – this may be the only ‘smartest thing’ I’ve ever done”

Trying hard to think of other ‘smart’ decisions I’ve made, and while the list is long, they don’t qualify as ‘smartest’ because they are things that were done too late; after the damage had been done.

I was told that for the first 2+ years of my life my vocabulary consisted of four words – Ma, Pa, John and No. I was told that the first sentence I ever uttered was “No, I don’t want to. Make John do it” and then I walked out and slammed the door. Go me!

Unfortunately the ability to say no didn’t stick with me. I re-learned that skill sometime in my late 30’s, after 3 years of therapy. But, there is always a but, I did not fully embrace it. I will probably never get back what appears to be my innate tendency to stand-up for myself.

What is that old saying “ve get too soon oldt undt too late schmart” – well, I’ve gotten old, but still not smart.

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