Say wha?

It was a kinda slip-slidey here on Tuesday, and in an article in Wednesday’s Washington Post we get this commentary:

At Sibley Memorial Hospital in Northwest Washington, officials said they had seen a “significant increase” in the number of people coming into the emergency room overnight and into the morning with slip-and-fall injuries.
“Breaks, fractures, soft-tissue injuries, you name it,” said hospital spokesman Gary Stephenson. “The law of physics is such that there is little you can do when you hit ice. It’s in­cred­ibly slippery.” (emphasis added)

The next thing you know this guy will be telling us that water is wet!

In the past I have wondered why ‘shit’ is probably the only word that still gets bleeped. Or replaced by the word “expletive” or is written out with asterisks as substitutes for letters. And yet, Friday morning the Washington Post (sorry if there are constant references to WaPo but it is my local newspaper.) printed out the word quoting he who shall not be named.

Also surprising was the suggestion that someone, or even a lot of someones, from Norway would want to immigrate to the United States. Even with the most cursory knowledge of Norway, that is a question that no one would ask. 

Actually I think the more interesting question would be “Why aren’t more Americans emigrating to Norway?” 

And the way this country is going, will Americans soon be applying for admission to other countries under ‘refugee status’. 
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