I'm not a sharer

Despite the fact that I am lonely, I miss being alone. Yes there is a difference. I crave social interaction but on my terms, when I want it, or need it but certainly not all the time. I don’t really like sharing space. Or much of anything really. What’s mine is mine, and what’s your is yours and let’s not mix or mingle them. Nor do I lend things. Either I will give it to you straight up, or buy you one, or flat out say – No.

I miss listening to music. While I might be quite adept at multitasking in most areas of my life, when I listen to music, I LISTEN to music. I lose myself in it and dance, or I lose myself in it and…wander around inside my head. I can only do that when I am alone. And I am never alone. But I am always lonely.

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