I hear you but I don't comprehend

I never noticed it when I was in high school but when I got to college I realized that I don’t comprehend information which is conveyed by speech.  I hear the words well enough but all my brain processes is ‘Blah, blah, blah, Fluffy”. I’d walk out of classes muttering “Just give me the reading list, and I’ll show up for the tests”.

I dislike being read to. I can’t, obviously, deal with audio books. If I don’t read it then I don’t comprehend it; I don’t learn it; I don’t absorb it.
It’s like what Mrs. Forlano said in the 6th grade – if you write a word 3 times then it is yours. When I had a big important test my study method was – re-write all of my notes. I would take a day off from work, hole up in my apartment and just write. It would make me crazy when I got to school and all the kids would be in the hall quizzing each other – I would have to walk away and hide where I couldn’t hear them. 
I don’t think I do this with social conversations but when I am talking on the phone I’m automatically taking notes. 
Everyone learns differently. For me it is reading. And hands to brain. Show me, don’t tell me. Once I do it myself then it is learned. 
So my question to you is – How do you learn?
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