Innately solitary, introvert or claustrophobic?

Just talking off the top of my head.

This morning in the Health & Science section of WaPo, there was a photo accompanying an article on mindful meditation, something I’m not capable of (along with not really understanding what “being present” means).

The photo made me instantly anxious. Placing myself in the photo, sitting in a group of people like that – No.

I don’t do groups, of any kind. Physically or mentally or emotionally. No groups. No teams. No crowds. And don’t touch me without permission. Seriously, don’t.

On the other hand, I am most comfortable, and prefer, to work and be, with another person. Just one. I do one-on-one very well. I like one-to-one. I’m good at one-to-one. More than one, and I’m uncomfortable.

I don’t know if that makes me an introvert. I know I am claustrophobic and I am somewhat solitary in that I crave aloneness but I also enjoy being social.

When a photo can cause anxiety, can you imagine what the reality might evoke?

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