The song from yesterday

is still playing in my head, only with the lyrics – such a pretty song – words and music.  Does anyone write, and sing, pretty songs anymore? Ehh…

I tend to not think of myself as traditional but truth be told, I am. While I love technology, and given that I have been working with computers since 1969, that almost makes it traditional as well for me, I do tend to cling, emotionally, to the old ways (and days).

Case in point – Sunday, on FB, David aka Vanilla, posted a video of the service at his church, and I still can’t get the term “worship host” out of my head. Add to that the service seems to be taking place in a cafeteria-like space; the video opens with young people, singing badly and playing instruments badly and dressed as if they were going to a community clean-the-streets event. Okay, call me superficial and judgey. Go ahead I won’t be offended.

While I no longer consider myself a “Christian” I was for many, many years, starting as a child, a devout Protestant church-goer. I was in the choir (after an audition), wore the robes and head covering (it was exactly like a yarmulke), sang the hymns of the old time religion accompanied by a very substantial organ. The church I went to was small and the sanctuary was simple but traditionally church-y. Wooden pews, dark red center aisle carpet; two lecterns/pulpits each with a gigantic bible on it. We didn’t have any stained glass windows, but every surface in the sanctuary was polished to a high gloss and with the sun shining in there was such a feeling of warmth and peace.

And I think that is all part of the religious experience. I could be wrong, probably I am, but it was part of the experience for me. I like churches. I will always visit any church that is open, just to absorb that feeling.

Of course there are those grand churches decorated with incredibly beautiful carvings and art; most Roman Catholic churches are chock-a-block with fancy doo-dads. I tend to stay longest at the more simply presented churches, the smaller ones, where you can feel the vibes.

I understand where all this casualness comes from, the young people relate to it better and it’s all about getting those butts in the chairs (I say chairs because pews seem to have gone out of style along with traditional church buildings).

Of course the location of where one receives religious instruction should not matter, it’s the people and the message that matter but still…

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