It's all in the mind + Getting played by your cats

Saturday is the one day of the week guaranteed to have nothing on the agenda except the do-it-every-day chores. Which means I can sleep as long as I like/need, the only caveat being that I have to be showered and dressed by 12:30.  Therefore –

Friday nights I always fall asleep quickly and sleep well and deeply through the night and therefore – I am up by 7am – well rested, feeling good. Now why is that? It rarely happens any other night/morning of the week. I can always count on sleeping well on Friday nights and being up early, feeling well-rested on Saturday mornings…I think it’s all in my head.

This morning we got thoroughly played by the cat, almost. BB is dumber than a box of rocks except when it comes to food, so here’s the play-by-play.

– 4 am – BB gets a 1.3 ounce can of food. Frankie gets about a third of a 3 ounce can of food – yes, different foods, both chicken but BB favors Sheba Perfect Portions and Frankie prefers Muse Pate.

– 4:30ish am – BB finishes anything Frankie has left behind.

– 9 am-ish- I’m usually up and eating breakfast and BB starts agitating for more food. He whines, bumps my leg, flops on the kitchen floor and stares at me with the most pathetic look imaginable. I give him more food.

This morning followed this scenario except –

– 9 am-ish – Husband and Frankie are napping in the recliner; I have finished breakfast and the newspapers and am off to my morning bathroom sit-down; BB dances around my feet whining for food. I dish up another Perfect Portions and proceed to the bathroom.

-9:15-ish – I hear my husband talking to BB – “Okay, okay, I’ll give you more food, I just have to get some from the back closet” I shoot out of the bathroom yelling “Don’t do it! I just gave him food 15 minutes ago!”

My husband and I laugh, we almost got played by this damn cat. Damn cat looks at us, gives out a weak and pathetic yowl and marches off to flop in the living room.

It is now an hour after that little performance, I can hear my husband and BB having this conversation in the kitchen:
                                             BB: Pathetic meow
                                             Husband: Nooo
                                             BB: Louder pathetic meow
                                             Husband: No, No, No.

Yeah, right cat – not happening.

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I'm totally impossible to live with and I know it.

1. A place for everything and everything in its place. I am the laziest person on the planet and I see no reason to waste my time, energy or little grey cells in constant search of necessary items. Determine the most convenient place for something, put it there and done. If you have to remove it to use it, when finished, put it back where you got ie: where it belongs.  No exceptions, no excuses.

2. Please don’t talk to me. Unless I ask you a question. Otherwise – silence is golden. Especially in the morning. Do not talk to me until I’ve been up and awake for, oh, let’s say, an hour…or two.

I’ve always been fascinated by ASL,  imagine communicating without speaking. Heaven.

3. There is a right way to do something, a wrong way and then there is my way, which in my universe, is the right way. Over a period of time, I’ve determined the most efficient way to do the things I have to do, and that’s how I want/need them done. I’m more than happy to teach/show you. Most of the time, I’m even happier to just do it myself. 

This of course delights the people I have to share my life with, whether at work or home, because they quickly learn not to learn.  They sit on their butts, I work mine off.

4. I can be very passive/aggressive when it comes to confrontations (anger). I don’t do confrontation. This is very bad. I will get ‘snippy’ as my husband says. And nasty in a very polite way. Not good.

5. And I honestly, really and truly, prefer to be alone. A little social/interpersonal contact goes a very long way with me. When email was created it was the very best day of my life.

I am so miserable to live with that sometimes I get on my own nerves.

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