My brain looks for patterns and then makes connections. That said, my spatial abilities are limited to non-existent. My ability to see patterns and then make connections does not include concrete applications – I can’t mentally take a concrete object and locate it to a concrete space. I depend on my husband to figure out how furniture and such will fit into the allotted space.

But on a more esoteric level patterns and connections are how my brain works. Perhaps because I am a Libra, an air sign, all things air are vital to my imagination and well-being and persona.

For as long as I can remember wings fascinated me. The sky fascinated me. Light fascinates me. And the shadows that light creates. The feel of light. The smell of light. The memories that light evokes.

While I think I have become inured to photos of sunsets and sunrises (Yes, yes – all red and colorful and whatever – my husband and his friend Richie have a standing joke – “seen one, seen them all”) I still am fascinated by the sky, sunrises or sunsets filled with shadow and depth and substance, almost to the point that they are concrete and one could hold them. A camera can never capture the complexity of light and sky – and yet we continue to try.

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