Quotidian Minutiae

The post title is a high falutin way of saying – the everyday details, occurrences of an ordinary life, the mundane.

Today, being Thursday, is shopping day. For some reason there aren’t many Ubers working today – the weather is nice if you like warm and humid (I don’t mind warm, humid, of course sucks big time.) So why would that be a factor. Sometimes when it’s rainy, despite the fee being higher, there isn’t a lot of availability, but a bright sunshiny day? 

I was circling the produce department in hopes of finding something worth the exorbitant prices – cherries were on sale, I tried one, it was awful. Well, maybe not awful, just tasteless, so even on sale for $2.99 a pound, not worth it. I sniffed a few packages of strawberries but they all seemed to have been opened, I suspect someone ‘re-arranged’ the contents of the packages to a) get only big juicy ones and b) overpack the pre-weighed 16 ounce package to get even more bang for their buck.

Anyway –

A young-ish woman was circling the same display I was and she casually picked up a package of strawberries and a bag of cherries. I said “Whoa, maybe you might want to sample those first. I tried one and their tasteless” She looked at me quizzically, sampled a couple of the cherries and said “No flavor” and put the bag back. Then I told her how to choose strawberries. I picked up the package she had and pointed out that the strawberries on the bottom (clearly visible) were more white than red. Then I told her to sniff the strawberries – if they didn’t smell like strawberries then don’t buy them. She sniffed, she put the package back. ‘Where can I get good strawberries?” she asked plaintively. Ah, so me being nice, I started going through the strawberries again. I found a package of good looking berries, held it up to her nose, said “What about these?” She caught that ripe strawberry scent, smiled and put them in her basket.  The fun thing was – she thanked me and asked how I knew to do that. I said “I’m old.”

We had to wait a long time for an Uber going home too. But – we got a Lincoln Continental. Not an old one, those beauties, but not a new one either. We asked the year and the fellow said ‘2007″. Me, I’m used to the Lincolns from the 70’s and 80’s – that’s how I used to get around – one of the perks of the job I had – access to a ‘black car’ service. I suppose you could say it was a forerunner of Uber.  Except we had to make an actual telephone call, the cars were radio dispatched, as a matter of fact, if memory serves me right, the name of the company we used was “New York Radio”

Ah, the good old days…late nights and limousines.

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