Leather and lace

Who am I to say…and yet I do *sigh* Because this is bugging me, and has for years, I’m just going to say it and move on.

You don’t get to say: “I’m fun.”  “I’m sensitive.”  “I can make lemonade from life’s lemons.” which all really means “Congratulate me for being better than you” or just plain “Hey, Hey – Look at me, I’m wonderful (and you’re not)”

Other people get to say that about you, you don’t get to say it about yourself. And then there is the “good writing” advice – show don’t tell – apply it to your life.

Or maybe I’m just being too sensitive *snort” *eye roll*

Moving on –

Scrolling through Instagram (and it’s many ads) this web site turned up and I actually clicked on it – because the ad showed clothing items I absolutely love. This site sells, amongst other sizes, plus size clothing. At various points in my life, including quite recently, I required plus size clothing. Now I only require plus size boob containers. Always the plus size boob containers – two piece outfits always required me to switch pieces (Bad Me!) – size 8 bottom, size 14 top. Dresses? Oh hell they never fit.

Anyway, I’ve never considered myself a girly girl. I’ve always liked my clothes tailored, but I also like soft silky fabrics and, for some strange reason, I’ve always had a penchant for lace. And floaty things. Leather, lace and silk – that was me. (Also unusual sleeves and cuffs.)

What is it with me and lace? Maybe I am a girly girl – never how I’ve thought of myself. Maybe, just maybe, I am like every other human being – a mass of contradictions. Which poses another question –

Do you think of yourself as just one ‘thing’? One type, one attitude, one philosophy? Aren’t we all mutts, a mixture, an amalgam, in every aspect of ourselves?

Of course we are!

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