It seems that the parents of the Da Baby Princess have been teaching her about The Beatles – ask her to name them and she can. Da Parents are in their mid-30’s and Beatles fans (I’m guessing).

I’m in my early 70’s and I was 17 when the Beatles became ‘all that and a bag of chips’.  All the girls my age were gaga and bananas and what-all-else about the Beatles. I was – okay, that’s a bit different. I bought their albums, the only one I never got around to buying was The White Album.

I was just never a huge fan, I don’t think I am a huge fan of anyone or anything. I don’t like ALL of anything.

My favorite Beatles song is Girl from the Rubber Soul album, which was released in 1965 and is my favorite album.  So early days, I was 19 in 1965.

Truth to tell I always like The Rolling Stones better.  My favorite album is probably 12 x 5, released in 1964. It’s mostly old R&B classics. I can’t say that I know much of their later work, and by later I mean anything in the last, oh say, 30 years. What I heard first is what sticks with me.

There is one song that Lennon and McCartney wrote, that I had never heard until I worked in a day care place. It’s a lullaby and the version I heard, and fell in love with, is by Linda Ronstadt. For years that song has been on my mental playlist, popping up at odd times and then playing on a loop. I was kinda shocked to find out it was a Beatles song – who knew, not me.

The point is – When it comes to music, books, poetry, I like best what I heard, read, first. I wonder if that’s because first impressions are the deepest and most lasting.

Or am I just holding tight to what I loved first?

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