The greed gene

All the evil in the world can be attributed to the greed gene. Locate that gene and eradicate it from the human genome and whatever environment that human beings inhabit will be a good place.

I’ll leave it to you to make the connections because you are not stupid. Perhaps you don’t spend much time thinking about this but give it a moment’s thought and it will be clear.

I started out today mentally composing a long screed (well ‘long’ screed is a bit redundant) on the topic of my un-patriotism. I don’t care a whit about the United States of America. My citizenship in this country was beyond my control, an accident of birth, as it were. I would easily and happily renounce that relationship and take on another. I have no connection, emotionally or otherwise, except as it is stated on my birth certificate, to this country.

The finding and founding of this country, like so many other countries, was based on greed. And on greed it continues to function. But unlike other countries, those who have achieved stability, this country has seen fit to embrace greed, to elevate it to the highest status. Other countries have realized that the well being of its citizens is of the utmost importance while in this country the enslavement of the many in service to the few is still the dominant governing principle.

Is there any country on this planet that has shaped itself into being a place of equality, compassion and concern? No but some have tried and continue to try and have achieved some modicum of success.

But greed exists wherever human beings exist.  And I will not celebrate it. July 4th? Just the day between July 3rd and July 5th.

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